Alarm Financial Services, Inc. Announces New Advisory Services for Sellers and Buyers

Alarm Financial Services, Inc. Announces New Advisory Services for Sellers and Buyers

SAN RAFAEL, CA – May 31, 2023 — Over the past six months, Alarm Financial Services, Inc. (“AFS”) has created a compelling suite of advisory services aimed at security and fire alarm dealers who are considering an acquisition, either as a seller or as a buyer. Advisory services for sellers and for buyers fold in nicely with AFS’ ability to provide financing. AFS has been performing due diligence on its own behalf – as a buyer and a lender – and on the behalf of others for decades.

With AFS’ new Pre-Sale Due Diligence for Sellers, AFS brings their knowledge to the seller’s side of the table. Pre-sale due diligence yields confidence in a company’s valuation, and a smoother transition after sale. Identifying and resolving customer or contract issues and identifying areas for improvements well in advance of the sale, all contribute to maximizing the sale price. “It is our goal to help a would-be seller prepare their company in the best possible light for buyers, in what may be their most important business transaction,” says Jim Wooster, Jr, President of AFS.

Soto Security owner, Rob Soto, recently sold his company to Alert Alarm of HI and utilized AFS’ Pre-Sale Due Diligence services. “The AFS team were awesome from start to finish. They were so knowledgeable on all aspects of the industry and were helpful getting our accounts in order and to the finish line for closing.”

AFS’ Acquisition Advisory Services for Buyers brings a depth of security and financial experience to dealers looking to expand. Identifying sellers, assisting with negotiations, conducting due diligence, are among many of the services offered. KPS Alarms of Ontario, CA recently completed the purchase of Corona California-based C&R Systems, with the aid of AFS. “AFS has an incredible team. They helped us 1401 Los Gamos Drive, Suite 102, San Rafael, CA 94903 * 866-845-2678 through the due diligence process so that we knew we were acquiring quality accounts and contracts. Our close date timeline was tight and they worked diligently to get us the information we needed to close on time with confidence.”

“AFS has been through hundreds of acquisitions as a buyer, seller, lender and advisor and bringing these acquisition services to today’s buyers and sellers has been met with great response,” according to Wooster.

About Alarm Financial Services, Inc.

AFS has been providing loans and lines of credit to dealers looking to grow their business, consolidate debt, expand operations or make acquisitions since 1987. Founded by Jim Wooster, Sr., AFS is the oldest funding company serving the alarm industry. Learn more at

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