Bosch introduces software, hardware, and services at ISC West for smart systems that are easy to install and manage

At ISC West, March 29 – 31, 2023, in booth 11053, Bosch will showcase new software, hardware, and services that increase security and safety, simplify configuration and maintenance, and enhance ease of use. Booth visitors will experience the benefits of a new suite of application-specific edge-based artificial intelligence (AI), services for remote management of video recording devices, and the integration of IP horn loudspeakers with video systems. A central station software receiver for IP and cellular alarm communications, and a new mobile access solution will also be introduced at the show.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tailored for specific applications shape the future of video surveillance

Bringing application-specific AI software to Bosch cameras, Intelligent Video Analytics Pro (IVA Pro) delivers valuable insights to improve efficiency, security, and safety. It enhances building security and operations (IVA Pro Buildings), perimeter security (IVA Pro Perimeter), traffic monitoring (IVA Pro Traffic), and object tracking (IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking). The solutions reliably detect, classify, and track objects to provide operators deeper scene understanding.

IVA Pro Buildings, based on deep learning AI technology, is ideal for advanced surveillance in and around buildings. It accurately detects persons and vehicles even in crowded areas. IVA Pro Traffic, also based on deep learning, supports strategies to enhance mobility, safety, and the efficient use of roadways. It reliably subclassifies vehicles as cars, bicycles, buses, motorcycles, and trucks, and detects pedestrians to enable vulnerable road user safety solutions. For example, detection of pedestrians in a crosswalk can trigger third-party systems to broadcast personal safety messages to connected vehicles to increase driver awareness of persons in the road. For most security practices, like object detection and classification, IVA Pro Buildings and IVA Pro Traffic eliminate onsite calibration for easy deployment and configuration.

IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking enables moving cameras to follow persons or vehicles in busy or crowded scenes, zooming in automatically and keeping subjects in view while in the field of view of the camera. It uses deep learning AI technology to understand more complex vehicle and pedestrian traffic scenarios and situations, such as when vehicles and pedestrians stop moving due to traffic lights, congestion, or an incident. IVA Pro Perimeter provides long-distance detection alongside perimeters of buildings, data centers, and energy facilities, even in extreme weather. It can detect intruders who roll, crawl, or camouflage themselves while minimizing false triggers.

New video security cameras pair IVA Pro with high-image quality

The Flexidome 5100i fixed dome cameras are the first to bring IVA Pro to market. They come pre-installed with IVA Pro Buildings and offer IVA Pro Perimeter and IVA Pro Traffic as purchasable licenses. With IR versions and 2- or 5-megapixel resolution – along with an 8-megapixel/4K ultra high-definition model available soon – integrators have maximum flexibility to meet specific customer needs.

The Dinion 7100i IR bullet cameras are for high-security perimeter applications that demand long-range detection and classification. The cameras come pre-installed with IVA Pro Buildings and IVA Pro Perimeter and offer IVA Pro Traffic as a purchasable license. Thanks to next-level starlight X, HDR X, and intelligent IR the Dinion 7100i IR delivers clear and detailed images over long distances in all lighting conditions and weather.

The Autodome 7100i moving cameras come pre-installed with IVA Pro Buildings and IVA Pro Perimeter, making them the ideal choice to track and classify objects in traffic and cities. They offer exceptional low-light imaging performance and consistently provide stable images despite excessive force and vibration to ensure the highest reliability. When paired with IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking, the camera improves situational awareness by detecting and classifying persons or vehicles when the camera is panning, tilting, or zooming and follows continuously, even if the object stops moving. IVA Pro Intelligent Tracking and IVA Pro Traffic are offered as a purchasable license.

Integrated communications for immediate audio intervention

To further strengthen the protection of people and property, new IP-based horn loudspeakers provide integrated audio for video surveillance and public address applications, supporting both two-way VoIP (Voice-over-IP) communications via SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and pre-recorded/automated messages.

Services for remote system management

To increase efficiency and reduce onsite visits for technicians, Bosch will introduce the DIVAR IP 4000 and 6000 all-in-one recording units with optional Remote System Management services. The services provide information for inventory management, remote update capabilities, and system health alerts.

Mobile Access enhances ease of use for access control systems

Offering a smart addition to the Access Management System, a Mobile Access solution enables use of a smartphone instead of a physical card to request access to facilities and areas. Operators can assign all mobile access rights centrally and transmit credentials via e-mail or QR code for easy operation.

Simplifying monitoring center operations

Booth visitors can also see the Conettix B6800-SR Central Station Software Receiver, a flexible and modular solution for IP and cellular alarm communication. It supports up to 10,500 accounts and provides secure, encrypted alarm communication. The modern and simple browser-based interface allows multiple users to easily configure, operate, and maintain accounts.

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