ClareOne Chosen by Fischer Homes as its First-Ever Smart Security and Home Automation Solution

ClareOne Chosen by Fischer Homes as its First-Ever Smart Security and Home Automation Solution

Fischer Homes, a home builder with a portfolio of homes in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Georgia and Missouri, has chosen Clare Controls’ ClareOne™ as its first-ever smart home automation system with built-in security and home automation capabilities.

According to Ron Gregorsok, Director of Supply Chain Management for Fischer Homes, ClareOne’s ease of use, expandability and no-fee smart home integration capabilities make it the ideal solution to meet the needs and expectations of modern buyers.

“At Fischer Homes, we are committed to providing our homebuyers with the latest smart home technology,” Gregorsok said. “We selected the ClareOne panel for our smart home solution because today’s buyers expect smart home security and home automation technology in their new homes. The ClareOne platform delivers premium security and surveillance through an easy-to-use touch panel that also provides smart home integration with the various technology brands we install, including Honeywell and Liftmaster. We believe ClareOne’s powerful security and smart home capabilities increase the value and desirability of our homes and provide significant benefits to our customers.”

According to the National Association of Home Builders’ most recent What Home Buyers Really Want survey published in 2021, 78 percent of responding first-time home buyers ranked a home security system as essential or desirable, making security as vital to sales and customer satisfaction as hardwood flooring (80 percent) and ceiling fans (81 percent).

Additionally, a 2021 survey by found that 78 percent of buyers are willing to pay more for a home with smart devices, and 60 percent of existing owners cite smart security devices as the most beneficial device they own, even though respondents rank convenience as a bigger benefit than safety by nearly a two-to-one margin. This shows that both security solutions and other smart systems are in high demand and that ease of use is often the most important factor for user satisfaction.

Jason Collman, New Construction Business Development Manager for Snap One, which produces and markets the ClareOne system, explained how these trends can be a boon to home builders by delivering increased profitability and encouraging faster sales.

“Today’s builders recognize that if you are not adding value, you are adding cost,” Collman said. “Smart home technology is revolutionizing the new construction industry, transforming the way properties are developed, marketed, bought and sold. Buyers are increasingly drawn to smart homes, which offer convenience, security, and energy efficiency. As a result, smart homes tend to sell faster and for more money.”

In response to the overwhelming interest in security systems, Fischer Homes partnered with Snap One and Guardian Alarm, a security integration firm with four offices across Ohio, to add value and simplicity for prospective customers with pre-installed ClareOne smart security systems.

The wireless ClareOne system provides 24/7 protection and offers advanced features, including a silent panic alarm, customizable navigation, integration with smart climate controls, motorized window shades, lighting, audio and video, door locks, garage doors and more. Users can easily view live surveillance camera feeds through the ClareOne Panel or ClareOne mobile app and can even create homescreen widgets to control smart systems from their mobile devices.

“We are delighted by the partnership formed between Clare Controls, Fischer Homes’ world-class new construction projects, and Guardian Alarm,” said Brent Uhl, President of Guardian Alarm. “The ClareOne system is very user friendly and offers a wide array of integrations with the in-home technologies provided by Fischer Homes as well a wide variety of brands and technologies that homeowners may want to add on their own, all while delivering professionally monitored security.”

Fischer Homes’ base ClareOne package includes the ClareOne Security and Smart Home Panel, a video doorbell, and various automation and security sensors. Fischer Homes and Guardian are also offering two upgrade packages to all buyers. The Safe and Secure Package adds several advanced home security sensors, and The Home Away Package adds surveillance features with multiple cameras to enhance peace of mind when away from home.

Clint Choate, Director of Security and Builder Market at Snap One, also noted that homebuilders are an ideal partner for broadening the adoption of ClareOne’s wireless smart security system.

“We are thrilled to partner with Fischer Homes and Guardian Alarm to provide ClareOne smart home security systems to thousands of new homebuyers,” Choate said. “ClareOne is the perfect solution for new construction projects, offering a wide range of features, flexibility and expandability that meet the needs of both builders and homeowners.

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