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DICE’s New Video Arming & Disarming Patent Revolutionizes Video Monitoring Services

DICE has been awarded U.S. Patent # 11741825B2 for its video arm/disarm system, which allows users to arm and disarm video security systems using the same standards as alarm panels.

This groundbreaking innovation eliminates the need for physical alarm panels and opens a world of new possibilities for video security.

The Video Arm/Disarm system works by converting camera motion detection and AI object detection into virtual sensors. These virtual sensors can be strapped to an alarm automation system as zones, just like traditional alarm system sensors. This allows users to create virtual alarm zones within video cameras, which can be armed and disarmed either through an alarm panel or through a cloud-based app.

The system also supports UL priority alarm types, ensuring that it meets all the latest alarm industry standards. This means that users can now look for any object, such as a person or vehicle, at a specific time by arming and disarming their cameras and areas of interest.

DICE’s patent also allows users to monitor for late openings, early closings, unscheduled openings and closings, and much more. The possibilities are truly endless! Clifford Dice, founder and CEO of DICE Corporation, said: “Our engineering team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and their multiple patents are a testament to their commitment to innovation. Our vision of where the alarm industry will be going in two years, five years, 10 years, even in 15 years has led us to plan our technology roadmap to meet that vision and revolutionize the entire monitoring ecosystem.”

The New DICE is currently licensing the Video Arm/Disarm technology to other companies so that it can interface with their automation monitoring software and analytics. For more information on DICE Corporation, visit www.dicecorp.com or call 989-891-2800.

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