NAPCO’s Dave Sheffey Retires After Thirty One Years of Service

After 31+ years with Napco Security Technologies, as Western VP, and later, SRVP of Sales, for all the Napco RSMs across North America, Dave Sheffey will be retiring, having handed over the reigns and team to VP, Michael Venoit, earlier this year. Dave has long been a key part of Napco Security Sales Management, an accomplished leader, industry icon and driver of Napco security sales and distribution channels.

Anyone who knows Dave, as most in the industry do, recognize the amiable, modest, superintelligent guy who is comfortable speaking to virtually everyone, and always knows how to get things done and with whom. Never one to shrink away from a challenge, Dave is extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in all aspects of technology, applications, and product (as well as science, astronomy, and fine art, too). Dave’s extensive security experience and industry knowledge have served him, his accounts, and NAPCO well. But two of Dave’s idiomatic phrases, sum up much of what may be his work philosophy, “I have a curiosity”, and on the flipside, “Don’t poke a sleeping bear.” For those of us who know Dave, the neat part is, he seemingly always knows which to apply and when.

After decades of traveling across this great country and Canada, representing Napco, attending countless tradeshows and events, and visiting and supporting security professionals and distributors all along the way; for his well-deserved retirement, Dave is literally going to sail off (well, motor off) into the sunset of the Great Lakes on his boat, at least for a little while. Bon Voyage, Dave. You deserve the best- Enjoy retirement with your lovely wife, Beth and the cats. Stephen Spinelli, SVP, Sales, NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc, added, “On behalf of all of us at NAPCO, it’s been our pleasure to work with you.”

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