OpenEye Offers AI-Powered Video Analytics to Optimize Organizational Value

By combining the power of AI with the benefits of OpenEye Web Services (OWS), new insights can be unveiled to create value across your organization.

Analytics in OWS present an easy and smart way to take advantage of video data that you may already have.

Take advantage of powerful alerts and notifications, streamlined investigations, and fresh business insights with AI-powered video analytics in OWS.

Video analytics can help give you the insights needed to push your business beyond what you thought it was capable of and open doors to new opportunities, all while providing you the ease of mind knowing your employees and assets are safe.

Take Advantage of Lightning-Fast Investigations

Reviewing surveillance footage receives a serious upgrade with video analytics in OpenEye Web Services.

By utilizing powerful AI-based tools, investigations can shave off hours of work by quickly pulling up the most relevant footage.

Use OWS’ event search to locate specific video analytical events, such as person detected, license plate, loitering, and more. If your business wants to find relevant footage tied to specific events, OWS can easily do so by scanning video to find the event your team needs to conduct a thorough investigation.

Another convenient application of this is within the OWS timeline bar, which highlights areas of interest throughout the day. Events triggered by persons, vehicles, or other large visual movements will be distinctly shown on the bar so you can track notable events faster.

The use of video analytics for finding specific events and supporting investigations brings a new dimension of efficiencies to the table.

Not only can it save your company time, but it can also be leveraged to identify areas of operational weakness so that you can better manage your business.

Maximize Efficiency with Alerts and Notifications

Be proactive with your business by utilizing a powerful and customizable alerting engine to keep you notified through OWS.

Similar to search, these alerts can be configured based on different parameters, including person and vehicle detection, license plate recognition (LPR) technology, line crossing, as well as within certain days and times, making the customization to meet the needs of your business limitless.

For business managers, video analytics can be leveraged to send you alerts based on queue lengths, customer engagement, or drive-thru wait times.

It can also be used to monitor properties by utilizing LPR analytics to send alerts based on specific license plates. When connected with relays, this handy feature can automate the opening and closing of gates.

On top of that, you can be notified wherever you are, however you work, whether that’s through mobile notifications or on your computer.

By leveraging alerts and notifications in OWS, you’ll be able to make proactive decisions for your business by staying up to date on whatever needs your attention most.

Optimize All Sides of Your Business

Get the most out of your video security with Operational Analytics in OWS.

Powered by, Operational Analytics in OWS allows users to detect, analyze, and report on the events that matter most to your business.

Streamline operations, improve customer service, and increase safety with powerful video analytics that detect the complex behaviors of customers, staff, vehicles, and objects, giving you access to a wealth of advanced operational intelligence.

OpenEye’s AI-powered technology delivers important information at a glance while alerting you when critical operational events take place, such as those tied to customer experience or functional processes.

Whether you’re operating a multi-restaurant chain or a small local retail business, Operational Analytics can give you the insights necessary to supercharge your store operations.

Vehicle journey time in drive-thru lanes can be easily tracked, allowing quick-service restaurants to streamline their speed of service.

Both retail and restaurant operations can take advantage of people counting with employee exclusion to help monitor persons in store throughout the day to analyze peak hours of traffic.

Customer experience can also be placed under the microscope, as everything from merchandise engagement to wait times can be easily reviewed in OWS thanks to Operational Analytics.

These powerful video analytics bring a new dimension to your business’ video security and can help propel your workflow and productivity to new heights.

Book a Demo Now to See the Power of AI-Based Analytics

Video analytics in OpenEye Web Services is a powerful, comprehensive way to bolster both your business’ security and operations.

OpenEye Web Services offers both server-side and edge analytics, whether OpenEye cameras or third-party, to keep you and your business in the know by unveiling new business insights that prompt actionable intelligence.

OpenEye offers a host of server-side analytics in OWS, which bring additional value to your existing security system without having to add new cameras. Server-side analytics include:

  • Smart Motion
  • Person/Vehicle
  • Line Crossing/Intrusion

OpenEye Web Services open architecture also allows compatibility with 3rd party edge analytics, including:

  • Area Entered/Exited
  • Area Motion/Change in Area
  • Camera Out of Focus/Camera Tampering
  • Line Crossed
  • Loitering
  • Person/Vehicle
  • Queue
  • Face Detection
  • Mask Detection
  • Elevated Skin Temperature
  • Fog/Smoke
  • License Plate

Deploying these analytics is one of the best ways to optimize each side of your business, giving you and your employees the tools needed to succeed.

Ready to learn more? Book a demo now to see first-hand how video analytics in OWS can unveil fresh insights for your business.

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