PPVAR Announces TMA’s AVS-01 Received ANSI Accreditation

January 2023. The Monitoring Association (TMA) Standards Committee has received confirmation that its TMA-AVS-01 Alarm Validation Standard has received official ANSI accreditation. Initiated in 2020 in a joint effort between PPVAR and TMA, the standard provides a method of creating an alarm scoring or classification metric for unauthorized human activity detected by alarm systems.

The alarm scoring will assist law enforcement with resource allocation and Call-for-Service prioritization. “I am extremely proud of the Committee’s work to bring this game-changing standard to completion. My sincere thanks to those in the security industry and the public safety community who participated in this collaboration,” TMA-AVS-01 Committee Chair Mark McCall commented.

“Now begins the equally important work of implementing this standard into both communities, bringing significant benefits to both and to our mutual customers.” The TMA-AVS-01 Standard Committee was composed of more than 60 participants, representing diverse stakeholders, such as professionals from the security industry, law enforcement, and public safety. TMA’s President Morgan Hertel observed the significant impact of the new standard on the security industry. “It’s been almost four years since its inception, which includes two years of actual work on this standard.

We have finally reached the point where it’s ready to launch. This is the biggest change in the intrusion industry since the release of the digital dialer.” PPVAR and TMA are creating AVS-01 training for the alarm industry and public safety to assure a smooth rollout of the standard for all stakeholders.

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