Snap One Announces Newest ClareOne Software Update

Snap One Announces Newest ClareOne Software Update

Snap One has launched a new software update for ClareOne, FusionPro, and the ClareHome App that adds powerful features and improvements for both end users and Snap One Partners to help expedite system installation and setup, simplify troubleshooting and increase flexibility with new third-party integrations.

The ClareOne Wireless Security and Smart Home Panel is the first professionally installed controller that includes full-featured home automation and professional security monitoring in a single, unified touchscreen display.

“The recent ClareOne software update makes the system even more attractive for Snap One Partners and homeowners by simplifying system setup and empowering end users to quickly solve the most common troubleshooting issues on their own, improving system reliability and experiences,” said Clint Choate, Snap One Sr. Director of Security Market. “We also added a more intuitive ‘Actions’ UI that makes it easier to create automations, notifications, schedules and scenes, along with greater integration support for third-party motorized window shades, garage door openers and smart-lighting systems. ClareOne is more powerful and intuitive than ever before.”

With the new software, Snap One Partners can save time and minimize data entry errors in account creation for FusionPro using a QR code at the end of ClareOne setup that automatically adds system data to the account. They can save even more time through the ClareOne panel’s new ability to add security sensors in bulk, both during and after initial system setup.

Additionally, the process for designating zones for each unique security sensor is now more intelligent, so when a Partner wants to switch a front window sensor from the ‘Entry/Exit Standard’ zone profile to the ‘Perimeter’ zone profile, it appears at the top of the list instead of the bottom. This is achieved by prioritizing applicable zone designation at the top of the list, followed by a full alphabetical list.

To reduce unnecessary service calls and provide rapid issue resolution, ClareOne now provides a proactive, guided process to help users fix network connection issues. If the system becomes disconnected from the internet, the panel will produce an audible alert and display a banner notification with a “Fix It” button that guides users to the network settings page and helps them take the necessary steps to reconnect immediately without calling their integrator.

“Every time we can make processes faster or easier for Partners and end users, it increases the value of the system and improves the overall experience, which strengthens client relationships and reduces costs related to minor service calls,” Choate added.

Making the ClareOne system even more valuable, this software upgrade adds integration support for the ratGDO MyQ garage door device and EcoLink Z-wave Garage Door Opener with MyQ. Plus, this release adds support for Clara Shades, TaHoma Shades by Somfy, and Virtual Shade keypads that support 1-way shade control. Somfy will soon release an update for their shades to complete this integration. It also adds support for UltraPro and Jasco/GE Z-wave switches and dimmers, including configuration for LED behavior, color and intensity on devices that offer those options.

Advanced announcement automations are now possible through a text-to-speech utility for Sonos speakers, allowing spoken alerts for events such as the front door being opened, a ClareOne panel being armed or disarmed, telling kids it’s dinner time or even a scheduled announcement for when it’s time to take out the garbage. These announcements can be automated, scheduled or activated manually, and can be set to broadcast from specific speakers or from all speakers, allowing for enhanced in-home communication and notification of actions.

Creating actions is easier than ever before, thanks to a new interface that groups Actions into categories of Automations, Notifications, Scenes and Schedules with simple wizard-like selection procedures. Users also enjoy enhanced ability to see and change all Actions associated with a specific device, eliminating the need to search through the system’s full Action list for all devices.

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