Snap One Celebrates Partner Award Winners at ISE 2024

Snap One Celebrates Partner Award Winners at ISE 2024

At ISE 2024 Snap One, provider of smart living products, services, and software, officially announced and honored the winners of the prestigious Partner Awards.

The 31 winning integrators were selected in a number of ways – either by regional distributors, regional Snap One representatives, or through a competitive entry system.

This year, Snap One named 18 Partners of the Year in designated territories, and the Top Volume Award to celebrate the highest spending Partner across theregion. The Distributor awards focus on the top distributors in the region, while the Circle of Excellence awards go to Partners who embody skills and specialties critical to Snap One in a given region. Finally, the Pinnacle Award was given to Partners who have reached an impressive 1M spend in their local currency.

This year’s winners include:

Distributor of the Year

Europe & Middle East – Genesis Home Technologies SL

Circle of Excellence Distributor

Europe & Middle East – aSAY VAD

Partners of the Year

Redwood Technologies

Next Vision

Visual Domo Skate Software

Smart Domo S.r.l

LotusIQ Teknoloji A.Ş.

Moon Station

Woelf BV

AO Tele & Data AB


ARTFUL s .r.o .

Fu ture Aud io Vid e o LTD


Alpha com

Astral Enterprises Limited

Olvision SAGL

Richer Sounds LTD

ADS Smart Home

New Wave AV

Pinnacle Partner

Olvision SAGL

Top Volume Europe

Olvision SAGL

Circle of Excellence

Snap One Category Adoption

Fusion AV & Media Limited

Clarke Infinity

Revolve CI

Business Growth

SMC Custom Installation Limited

The Cinema Company

Complete Solutions SW

Service & Support Proposition

MK Iconic Solutions Limited


Seven Integration

Marketing Initiative



Art of Integration

Snap One’s Business Director, Mark Reynolds stated “At Snap One our priority is to make sure all of our Partners have access to the products, solutions and support they need to design and create unique experiences for their customers.” He added, “We’re honored to be part of the journey that helps custom installers meet and often exceed their business goals.”

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