ClareOne Now Integrates with Google Nest to Deliver In-Demand Smart Home and Security Features

ClareOne Now Integrates with Google Nest to Deliver In-Demand Smart Home and Security Features

Snap One today announced that the ClareOne Wireless Security and Smart Home system now features support for Google Nest integration, enabling Partners and their customers to combine some of the most popular smart home devices with the simplicity and power of ClareOne.

According to Clint Choate, Senior Director of the Security Market at Snap One, the ability to integrate Google Nest products with ClareOne empowers Partners to deliver comprehensive home automation and security through an intuitive unified touchscreen with the ability to add automations that users will love.

“Many modern homeowners want to utilize popular off-the-shelf products in their home technology systems,” Choate said. “To capitalize on this, we are enabling ClareOne integrators to give their customers the exact smart home and security experience they desire by integrating Google Nest’s smart climate control, doorbell and surveillance camera products with the easy-to-use ClareOne system, delivering a premium user experience with superior convenience and connectivity.”

Snap One Partners can immediately begin leveling up their proposals and installations with the Google Nest Learning Thermostat and Thermostat E, Google Nest Cam with Floodlight Pro, indoor/outdoor Google Nest Cam with battery, and the wired or battery-powered versions of the Google Nest Doorbell with HD video. All six of the compatible Google Nest smart home products are now available through Snap One’s online Partner store and at select Snap One Partner Stores located across the U.S.

“Our Partners can now create new automations based on Google Nest devices and actions, such as turning on porch lights when someone rings a Google Nest Doorbell,” Choate added. “Plus, with remote surveillance camera viewing enabled by ClareOne, users can rest easy with greater peace of mind whether they are home or away.”

The Google Nest Thermostat E powers down while customers are away, saving them time and money³. With the Google Nest mobile app, they can change the temperature from anywhere and troubleshoot many issues on their own⁴, in addition to viewing their energy use history and enabling alerts for furnaces, filter changes and more⁵. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat upgrades the power of the Thermostat E with the ability to learn users’ habits and make autonomous climate control adjustments to enhance comfort and save energy.

The Google Nest Cam works both indoors and outdoors, offering users and integrators the ability to place cameras anywhere they are needed. The advanced 1080p camera knows the difference between people, animals and vehicles, and can send alerts to keep users updated of any activity². The Google Nest Cam with Floodlight Pro offers the same convenience and features as the cam, with the added security of two motion-activated flood lights that can be programmed with on/off schedules. This enhances deterrence and nighttime video quality, while also offering adjustable brightness and motion sensitivity to suit any circumstance or location.

The Google Nest Battery Powered Doorbell is designed to deliver ultimate convenience and flexibility for simple installation in any location. Users are instantly alerted to activity via the Google Nest mobile app, where they can view the live camera feed and talk to the person at the door². It provides the same intelligent object detection and Activity Zones as the Google Nest Cam. The Google Nest Wired Powered Doorbell offers the same features but never needs to be removed or recharged, offering reliable 24/7 visibility. Both models can also be connected to house chimes for in-home notification. All Google Nest video feeds can also be viewed in real-time on ClareOne panels and the ClareHome app, as well as the native Google Nest App for even greater convenience.

All of the Google Nest Cam and Doorbell devices offer three hours of free video history for review, which can be upgraded to up to ten days of 24/7 video history and 60 days of event video history through a Google Nest Aware Plus subscription⁶.

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