DMP’s XLTPlus Package

DMP Unveils XTLplus Wireless Packages

DMP announced the recent addition of the XTLplus Wireless Packages to their line of offerings. The newest wireless solutions allow for easy, flexible installation and are full of features for dealers and end users, including the following features:

• Save time with Two-Way wireless. Install a system with only one technician.

• Wireless signals can’t be jammed or hacked due to 900 MHz frequency-hopping-spreadspectrum technology.

• Reduce false alarms with the False Alarm Question. With DMP panels, in an alarm event, when a user enters their code, the siren is silenced while the panel remains in the alarm state. The user is then prompted to confirm if the event is a real alarm. Competitor alarm panels will silence, disarm and send a cancellation signal to the monitoring center the moment a user code is entered, potentially leaving the system owner in a vulnerable position.

• During an alarm state, the screen on DMP keypads turns red. They remain red until the system is reset, providing a visual warning of potential danger to anyone entering the building.

• Easily arm/disarm areas from one screen. Quickly see the arming status of all areas and arm and disarm each one individually.

• Verify who armed or disarmed the system by capturing snapshots of all arming and disarming events.

• View live and recorded video. Speak to guests or delivery drivers through the video doorbell, all from the 7-inch keypad.

“This is a fully wireless solution that can be installed very quickly. It also allows you to take advantage of the tools we have in Dealer Admin,” says Aaron McGhee, product manager of control panels at DMP. “This system gives customers a beautiful display and all the features they desire while adding critical security measures that all-in-one solutions do not provide.”

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