Edward Fire & Safety Announces ModuLaser EST4 Integration

Edward Fire & Safety Announces ModuLaser EST4 Integration

Edwards has announced the availability of its latest advancement in early smoke detection – the all-new ModuLaser® integration for EST4 panels.

The integration is specifically engineered for complex environments like data centers, warehouses, and hospitals, where traditional spot detectors often fail to capture early warning signs.

This industry-leading integration offers a comprehensive fire and life safety solution with the following advantages:

  • Unparalleled Flexibility and Scalability: ModuLaser’s flexible design enhances installation options with 180º degree pipe access to support challenging environments. Its uniquely modular design allows for individually zoned areas and future scalability.
  • Simplified Installation and Reduced Costs: The ModuLaser system offers a significant reduction in wiring and piping needs, which translates to a significantly faster, simpler installation process with minimal disruption to your operations.
  • Seamless Integration and Investment Protection: Effortlessly integrate ModuLaser with existing Edwards EST4 panels for a unified fire safety solution. EST4’s adaptable platform ensures a smooth transition to evolving safety codes and standards.
  • Reduced Nuisance Alarms with Intelligent Detection with ClassiFire™ AI: Edwards uses patented ClassiFire™ AI technology to empower ModuLaser, identifying even the subtlest changes in air particles. This intelligent analysis significantly reduces false alarms, often a major concern for facility managers.

Edwards: Setting the Standard for Fire and Life Safety

“The ModuLaser EST4 integration signifies a breakthrough in aspirating smoke detection technology,” says Sanjeev Kumar, Executive Director, Product Management & Connected Solutions for Commercial Fire,

“Our innovative modular architecture offers unparalleled flexibility which empowers customers to customize the solution to their specific needs during system design and installation. This coupled with the integration to the EST4, provides an unparalleled feature rich solution while keeping installation simple. It’s a testament to Edwards’ commitment to engineering adaptable fire and life safety solutions that prioritize early detection and the user experience.”

Ensure the ultimate protection for your complex environment with the ModuLaser EST4 integration. The ModuLaser integration is now available. Visit edwardsfiresafety.com to learn more about how to detect smoke and fire events earlier with this innovative fire safety solution. High-resolution images can be found here.

Edwards is a trusted leader, providing life-safety and incident management solutions to customers worldwide. Edwards is part of Carrier Global Corporation, a global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions that are shaping a sustainable future for generations to come. visit: edwardsfiresafety.com

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