Hakimo and Convergint Partner to Deliver AI-Powered Security Solutions to Global Security Teams

Hakimo announced a reseller partnership with international systems integrator Convergint, providing service-based systems integration. The partnership will enable Convergint to offer Hakimo’s AI-powered security solutions to its customers across the globe.

The Hakimo platform uses computer vision and machine learning to automate the monitoring of physical security sensors such as cameras and badge readers. The platform also provides an option to communicate warnings through speakers when it detects unwanted activity such as a person entering an area where they do not belong. This first-ofits-kind platform natively integrates with enterprise video and access control systems to provide one unified solution that responds to alarms automatically, exposes potential insider threats and detects faulty cameras and door hardware, thereby enabling organizations to enhance overall security, efficiency and compliance in a way that no other company in the industry has touched upon.

Convergint has been ranked #1 in the SDM Magazine’s Top Systems Integrators Report for six consecutive years and works with a variety of businesses across different verticals, including financial and educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and state and federal governments “We are excited to partner with Convergint to bring our AIpowered security solutions to more customers around the world,” said Sam Joseph, Co-Founder and CEO of Hakimo. “With Convergint being the leading security solutions provider with a strong presence globally, our partnership will make it even easier for businesses and organizations to improve their security posture.”

Hakimo has been recognized with prestigious security industry awards including the Security Industry Association’s 2022 New Products and Solutions Judges’ Choice award. In addition, the Security Executive Council, a leading research and advisory firm governed by former corporate chief security officers, validated the efficacy of the Hakimo solution. Recently, National Safe Skies Alliance, Inc., a nonprofit organization funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), completed an operational test and evaluation of the solution.

“There’s growing interest around AI in the security industry, and Hakimo is uniquely positioned to offer businesses of all sizes this innovative technology to enhance and improve security capabilities.” said Joe Young, VP of Global Partner Development and Strategic Alliances at Convergint. “We are excited to partner with Hakimo and offer its platform to our customers to continue providing top-of-the-line solutions and services.

Convergint customers can work directly with their representative and Convergint’s Digital Transformation team to learn more about Hakimo and the partnership.

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