IPtelX Introduces Caller ID with Dealer Branding and Event Types

IPtelX Introduces Caller ID with Dealer Branding and Event Types

IPtelX announced the deployment of Dealer Branding for voice alarm calls, providing a solution to potential unanswered calls from monitoring centers due to showing up as spam on wireless phones.

This has been a serious problem for the industry as wireless companies have increasingly marked calls of these types as spam on caller ID. Without being able to cancel an alarm, this has caused unnecessary dispatches to PSAPs and resulted in more false alarms.

IPtelX’s Dealer Branding technology solves this problem by displaying the dealer’s name along with the tag “Alarm Emergency Call,” or a similar type of alarm message urging the user to answer.

Beyond displaying the dealer’s name, IPtelX is taking its new Dealer Branding to the next level in two more phases that will be coming soon. For the second phase, IPtelX will be providing its clients a significant advantage by going beyond what the other carriers can provide by also displaying the dealer logo. For the third phase, end users will also see the type of alarm (intrusion, fire, PERS, etc.). With this technology, end users receiving the call will have all the needed information to know that it is not a spam call.

“We are committed to staying ahead of the curve and providing our clients with the latest communication technologies,” says Cliff Dice, Senior Software Engineer at IPtelX. “Dealer Branding gives our clients a clear advantage, which is why IPtelX is the leading choice in the industry for alarm company phone services in North America.”

This innovative service works seamlessly with any PBX system and any monitoring station. As a North American carrier, IPtelX offers Dealer Branding across its entire footprint, encompassing all central offices in Canada and the USA.

For more information about IPtelX’s Dealer Branding and other exclusive telecom services visit iptelx.net or call (877) 7- IPTELX.

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