SDi introduces Scorpion – an innovative solution for functionally testing any hard-to-access smoke detector, whether it’s a point detector or aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system

Detectors in hard to access locations are often costly to test and maintain. They require additional equipment, potentially the presence of a third-party company and often more than one technician. All of which takes time and money to arrange. Installing Scorpion dramatically reduces the time taken to test hard to access detectors by allowing these detectors to be easily tested as part of the routine test during the technician’s visit. This eliminates the need for a return visit after hours and saves the time it would have taken to directly access the detector.

Regardless of location, all detectors should be tested and maintained in compliance with codes and standards. Installing Scorpion supports this and eliminates the need for deviations from such standards – offering ultimate peace of mind and proof that all detectors within a building are functioning as expected. This includes detectors in hard-to-access areas such as elevators and server rooms.

By introducing smoke right where it is needed, Scorpion is able to activate point detectors or ASD systems with minimal inconvenience. Scorpion is a micro smoke generator permanently installed adjacent to a point detector or a sampling hole on an ASD pipe –typically at the furthest sampling hole. The smoke generator is connected to a Scorpion Control Panel, or Access Point mounted at a convenient, easy to access location at ground level. Functional testing of the smoke detector is then easily and safely achieved from the Scorpion Control Panel, or Access Point (with a portable, battery powered controller) when required.

The Scorpion system has an in-built transport timer to help assess the on-going integrity of the ASD system from the end of the pipe right down to the detector itself. A clearing function is used to clear the smoke out of point detectors to reduce the chance of repeat alarms, increasing productivity on site.

Scorpion can be retrofitted to existing systems or be installed with new systems. Each head unit has a test capability in excess of 240 tests of 15 seconds of smoke each. Up to 8 Scorpion heads can be connected to a single wall mounted Control Panel, or for fewer detectors in multiple locations using Access Points together with the Scorpion Portable Controller.

Scorpion – The Solution for Buildings with Hard-to-Access Detectors

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