SIAC makes changes to Board to begin 2024

SIAC makes changes to Board to begin 2024

SIAC announced the following changes and additions to their board of directors and advisory council.

• Tim Creenan took over as SIAC board chairman at the beginning of the year.

• Doug Bassett will serve as ESA Representative to our board, moving from his advisory council position.

• Grady Medcalf is the new representative for Comcast on our advisory council.

• Mark Hillenburg is the new representative for DMP. DMP generously increased their donation to $25,000 so they now qualify for an Advisory Security Council position.

The Advisory Council was established by SIAC to introduce a significant enhancement to their organizational structure through amended by-laws. This amendment introduces an “Advisory Committee,” which includes all “for-profit” entities making a minimum contribution, currently set at $25,000 as determined by the board.

Members of the Advisory Committee play a pivotal role in selecting two of their own as voting representatives to the SIAC Board of Directors, serving a term of one year. This strategic initiative ensures that our most substantial contributors have a direct voice and representation at the board level, fostering a collaborative and inclusive decision-making process.

SIAC also credits Johnson Controls, Resideo, NetOne, ADT & Comcast for their past and continued commitment to funding that qualifies them for 2024 participation on our Advisory Council.

From SIAC “Let us not forget Kirk MacDowell… A heartfelt “Thank You” Kirk for four years of dedicated service to our board. A truly selfless, highly engaged leader who spent countless hours navigating us through personnel changes, budget challenges, Covid disruptions, and the many, many discussions and input on various issues affecting SIAC’s daily operations… an amazing individual!”

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