The New DICE Awarded Patent for it Cybersecure Automated Network Management Tool

The New DICE Awarded Patent for it Cybersecure Automated Network Management Tool

The New DICE has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 1,863,534 for its groundbreaking Cybersecure Automated Network Management Tool. This game-changing technology automates, streamlines, and manages on-site devices, delivering unparalleled security and ease-of-use for the security industry. The patent was issued on January 2, 2024.

The Cybersecure Automated Network Management Tool transforms network management and eliminates the complex, manual setup processes that plagued traditional systems. It automatically maps networks, registers devices (including cameras and alarms), and configures them for secure VPN connections – all without the need for opening ports, punching firewall holes, or managing multiple tools. Dealers simply name the camera, create zones, and the system seamlessly comes online.

This innovation benefits everyone in the security ecosystem. Dealers save time and money with effortless site management and eliminate complex configuration hassles. Central stations and command centers gain efficient oversight of all connected devices through a centralized platform. In addition, with the new AVS-01 standard, law enforcement will have improved resource allocation and call prioritization during emergencies.

The DICE Cybersecure Automated Network Management Tool is just one piece of the company’s commitment to AVS-01 compliance and industry advancement. Company CEO Cliff Dice explains, “This patent, along with our AVS-integrated products, will revolutionize the security industry and empower first responders with advanced standards not found elsewhere.

“As a leader in the alarm and video automation space, we developed this new level of network management of on-site devices including cameras and alarms that provides powerful cybersecure Virtual Private Network services, connecting end user sites to monitoring stations through automated and seamless installation, registration, and configuration of any monitored device.”

By using this patent, installers have a much easier time installing and connecting cameras to the professional monitoring industry. They can access the Cybersecure Automated Network Management Tool through central stations with Matrix Interactive.

For more information on DICE Corporation, visit or call 989-891-2800.

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