Tracking and Opposing Potentially Negative Ordinances Before the Burden Falls on Security Companies

SIAC Needs your support! We’re working every day to secure your business and bottom line. Alarm ordinances can vary greatly, we represent your interests by promoting the Model Alarm Ordinance which is fair and balanced.

SIAC has no membership dues, sells no products or services – we depend on your financial support. Please keep in mind what we do every day:

SIAC does track and oppose potentially negative ordinances before they become a costly burden on your company, such as:

  • Passing customer alarm fines to the “alarm company” for payment
  • Reduce or end police dispatch to alarms
  • Charge alarm companies directly for all police response or mandate private response

SIAC is the ONLY organization that:

  • Does react quickly with expertise and research to head-off problem ordinances
  • Proactively promotes and distributes a well-vetted model ordinance that reduces alarm dispatches and creates a level playing field as an alternative to non-response
  • Positive and extensive network of law enforcement contacts with leaders at the national, state and local level.
  • Has immediate access to a vast archive of presentations, positive statistics, ordinance details, legal opinions and key talking points for engaging politicians
  • Provides 24-7 support on PR and response to national, state and local media inquires

All services, travel and support to law enforcement is at no charge – single greatest reason they engage our services! We provide them answers to alarm management! PLEASE DONATE

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