uHave Control Launches a Robust API for the uSwitch CS

Based on a multitude of customer requests, uHave Control has released a robust API (Application Programming Interface) that provides commands to communicate, monitor, and control both relays and I/O on the uSwitch CS. This will allow for easy integration with any existing platform, dashboard, and automation software.

uSwitch CS, a 2-channel Ethernet/WiFi IP addressable relay that can be controlled remotely from any computer, mobile device, or tablet, has 2 GPIOs that can trigger its onboard relays and hundreds of uSwitch relays virtually over a network as well as an analog to digital converter. All uSwitch products come with a built-in watchdog that pings network devices, detects inactivity, and automatically reboots network devices.

The API’s command interface, which encompasses HTTP/HTTPS/XML/TCP/MODBUS, allow for complete control of the onboard relays along with status of GPIO and analog inputs. It also includes commands for remote configuration of the digital, analog, and virtual relay settings, watchdog, security and port settings, as well as notification, log, time, date, and network settings.

“We have worked with several accounts with a more limited API and have successfully allowed them to make the uSwitch product family an integral part of their services and systems,” said uHave Control President, Mario Costa. “Now with our more robust API, we have major integrations in process that will not only extend our reach with our existing customer base but will open up doors to many industries and verticals.”

Partners can offer physical automation, monitoring, and IoT functionality with the uSwitch CS through their own software or interface to clients. For more information visit www.uhavecontrol.com or call 617-271-4445.

About uHave Control

uHave Control is more than a manufacturer, it is an idea company with the ability to innovate, produce, brand, deploy and market products. Using this approach, uHave Control has achieved in-depth, turnkey solutions for technological challenges, especially in the areas of IoT and security. The uSwitch family of products is a result of that combination of need, creativity, and engineering. This simple yet powerful solution to control, monitor and reboot devices is being used by Homeland Security, police departments, the DEA, the DOJ, utility companies, transportation systems and much more. uHave Control produces all its affordable technology solutions in the United States.

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