Behavioral Recognition Analytics

viisights Joins Hewlett Packard Enterprise Partner Ready for Technology Partner Program

New York, NY — Feb 14, 2023 – Viisights, a global leader in behavioral recognition video analytics,
today announced that it joins the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Partner Ready for Technology
Partner Program as a silver-tier member.

This membership allows Viisights to integrate, test, and market
its products with industry-leading HPE technology.

“We are extremely proud to be named an official technology partner of Hewlett Packard Enterprise,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO, viisights.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for viisights to expand our customer base, increase our market share, and speed up revenue growth. In turn, we are excited to introduce our behavioural video analytics solutions to a new group of customers who are already accustomed to working with fast, data-driven solutions.”

The AI-powered analytics provided by viisights enhance existing camera infrastructure by providing alerts in real-time of unsafe behavior of people and vehicles, presence of weapons, and unauthorized entry, triggering an immediate security response.

The innovative solutions identify, classify, and alert security
managers and safety providers in real-time of abnormal behaviors and events of special interest,
including environmental hazards, and suspicious activity and mobility related events of interest.

For more information on viisights’ HPE Technology Partner Program membership, visit the viisights HPE partner page

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