The Alarm Association of Florida, Inc announced a significant milestone in its journey with the unveiling of its new brand that took place at the association’s Annual Convention in January.

Alarm Association of Florida (AAF) Re-Brands to Integration Association of Florida (IAF)

The Alarm Association of Florida, Inc announced a significant milestone in its journey with the unveiling of its new brand that took place at the association’s Annual Convention in January. Formerly known as AAF, the organization has taken on Integration Association of Florida (IAF) as its new name which is a reflection of its commitment to innovation, advancement, and a bold step towards a more inclusive future.

The rebranding initiative comes as part of IAF’s strategic efforts to align its image with the evolving landscape of technology sectors its serves, namely the Security, Automation, Fire and low voltage Electrical industries, and to better resonate with its broad audience. The transition to IAF represents more than just a change in name; it symbolizes a renewed focus on innovation, collaboration, and a forward-thinking approach to meet the dynamic challenges of our time.

“As an association it’s vital we stay current with the industry trends and technology to better serve our members. The rebranding of AAF to IAF signifies the evolution of our industry from the traditional security or fire business to one that now includes video, lighting, access control, automation, and other low voltage electrical systems,” said Marvin Smith, President of IAF. “Today’s end users expect a seamless integration of systems in their home and business. As our members embrace this change, it’s critical that our association keeps current on industry trends, technology, and consumer expectations. We believe rebranding to the Integration Association of Florida (IAF) does just that,” concluded Smith.

Key Highlights of the Rebranding:

1. Clarity and Simplicity: Integration Association of Florida (IAF) is concise, clear, and easy to remember. It eliminates any ambiguity surrounding our association’s purpose, making it immediately understandable to both existing and prospective members.

2. Relevance and Modernization: IAF captures the essence of our association’s current initiatives, services, and industry focus. It demonstrates our commitment to embracing the latest trends, advancements, and practices in our field, positioning us as forward-thinking leaders, and the goto resource for education. Changing just 1 letter in our acronym, opens up new markets for us.

3. Brand Differentiation: Integration Association of Florida (IAF), distinguishes us as a unique and vibrant association within our industry. It conveys a sense of innovation, credibility, and professionalism, which will enhance our reputation and attract a wider range of stakeholders.

4. Enhanced Collaborative Initiatives: IAF is committed to fostering increased collaboration within our community and beyond. The rebranding signifies a renewed focus on partnerships, knowledge sharing, and collective progress.

5. Revamped Digital Presence: The organization’s website, app, and digital platforms have been redesigned to provide an enhanced user experience, making it easier for members, AHJs, and the public to connect with IAF and access valuable resources.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for our industry and in particular for IAF! Our membership grew by over 100 members in 2023, resulting in 42% growth last year. In addition, our team worked hard to produce a 180% increase in Net Income over 2022, allowing IAF to invest heavily in our training school, workforce development efforts and delivering a Convention that knocked it out of the park just a couple weeks ago!” shared Shannon Few, Executive Director.

“We are not stopping here as we aggressively pursue our 2024 goals and execute our strategic plan. Rebranding to IAF is already attracting new members and providing an additional boost to the energy and momentum we have built entering 2024!” concluded Few.

Visit their website at for more information along with Alarm Academy, for your BASA/FASA training needs and much more coming in 2024!

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