Jonard Tools’ New Additions

Jonard Tools’ New Additions to Connector Line Meet All Installation Needs

Elmsford, N.Y.— Introducing Jonard Tools’ newest additions to the line of COAX cable connectors: the BNC-10, BNC Compression ConnectorsBNC-SA, BNC Straight AdapterBNC-FM, BNC Female to Male Adapter; and the RG-F81, CATV Female Splice Adapters.

These adapters are designed to meet any installation need. Our COAX Connector and Adapter line make the task of splicing or terminating cables quick and easy. They feature gold-tipped connectors and contact points, as well as high-quality locking mechanisms to ensure the best transmission possible.

The BCN-10 comes in a pack of 10. These are the perfect connectors for multi-shield and plenum cables. They can be used with most major brands of RG6 cables, and they are perfect for terminating cables for CCTV or other video applications.

The BNC-SA is designed to join two male BNC connectors or plugs, and the connecting mechanism provides a strong hold, reducing the worry of slipping.

The BNC-FM adapters come as a pack of two and are intended to convert BNC connections to CATV-F. The professional-grade gold-tipped adapters provide superior transmission of digital and analog data.

The RG-F81 is designed to connect two male RG6, RG6 Quad Shield, RG59, and RG59 Quad Shield CATV F connectors. These connectors feature gold-plated contacts for maximum performance and an easy-to-use, hex nut, and durable, high-quality housing for a long life.

Lastly, these can work perfectly with our RG6-10 and RG6-50, as well as our Universal Compression Tool (CT-200).

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