Jonard Tools Introduces the 4-In-1 Heavy-Duty Pliers from Jonard Tools

Elmsford, N.Y.— Jonard Tools’ newest wire stripping pliers, the WSC-1016, Heavy-Duty Wire Stripping Pliers, 10-16 AWG, will surely become a favorite for any cabling technician or electrician.

The Hardest Working 4-In-1 Heavy-Duty Pliers from Jonard Tools

These 4-in-1 pliers feature knurled jaws and a grooved gripping slot for grabbing, nuts, bolts, or screws, and a narrow tip for getting into tight spaces for grasping, holding, twisting, or pulling wires. These pliers are designed with four stripping holes that can be used on single conductor wires from 10 -16 gauge, and multistrand or multiconductor wires from 12-18 gauge.

The WSC-1016 also features cutting blades that can easily and quickly get through copper wiring or other similar materials. Lastly, this versatile tool also has a built-in terminal crimper that can be used on a variety of electrical connectors.

As with most of our hand tools, the WSC-1016 is backed by our Made for Life®, guaranteed for life policy.

Watch the YouTube Video on the WSC-1016


Learn more about the WSC-1016.

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