Kelly Bond

Kelly Bond of Davis Mergers and Acquisitions and Regular Contributor to SMG Magazines, Inducted into SS&I Hall of Fame

Although the electronic security industry is certainly technology-forward, it’s indisputable that the people — not the tech — power our continued collective success.

SSI created the Industry Hall of Fame in 2004 to celebrate the highest achievers and the legends in our ranks…to spotlight the people whose imprint on the security industry is indelible.

Over the years, we have been proud to induct 125-plus such individuals, including Tony Byerly, Ron Davis, Kim Loy, Joe Nuccio and, of course, former SSI editor-in-chief Scott Goldfine.

This week, we’re adding five more incredibly deserving honorees to the ranks, saluting their remarkable careers and their ongoing service in the overarching mission that unites us all — namely, the imperative to keep people, their families and their property safe.

We’ll reveal one 2024 SSI Industry Hall of Fame inductee every day this week. To kick things off, please tip your hat to Kelly Bond, partner at Davis Mergers & Acquisitions Group (DMAG).

As you’ll see as we continue to announce this year’s class, each of this year’s inductees exhibits the core characteristics that any SSI Industry Hall of Famer must possess: integrity, honesty, commitment, the zeal of an advocate and the unselfishness of a volunteer.

We asked each one to write in their own voice about what their keys to success have been, who their role models are, what their most cherished memories are and what they’d like their legacy to be. Believe me when I say that this will be mind- and spirit-nourishing reading.

The Kelly Bond Hall of Fame File

  • Born in 1967 in Dallas, one of four siblings
  • Father was a commercial airline pilot; mother was a homemaker and then a flight attendant
  • Married 20 years to Ryan Bond; they have three children: two daughters and one son
  • WSC Woman of the Year honoree in 2014; Sara E. Jackson Memorial Award recipient in 2016; WISF Power 100 Honoree in 2023
  • Started her own business and became her own boss in 2021; thankful to Ron and Bev Davis and Steve Rubin for welcoming her to align herself with the DMAG team
  • Other interests: playing tennis, travel and seeking adventure
  • Role models: Rich Perry, Amy Kothari, Joe Goodman, Jason Grelle, George DeMarco and Kirk MacDowell

Why She’s a 2024 SSI Industry Hall of Fame Inductee

  • Nominated for Sara E. Jackson Award, which recognizes an ESA member’s work on an association committee, task force or board
  • Spent many years chairing ESA’s Youth Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships for children of first responders
  • Participated on the inaugural steering committee for Women In Security Foundation
  • Spoke as one of the “3 WISE Women” at CAA’s Executive Symposium, sharing the story of her own career as well as her insights on industry trends, challenges and future directions

Kelly Bond Keys to Success

“Because of the type of business I do, making connections and building relationships has undoubtedly been the biggest key to my success. One significant way I’ve done this is by getting involved in giving back to the security industry.”

“Volunteering has brought me into contact with a wonderful, diverse group of individuals who share similar interests and values. Building connections and expanding my network has opened many doors to new opportunities and collaborations.”

“I strongly encourage everyone to find a way to give back. Regularly engaging in volunteer work allows you to step outside your comfort zone, gain new perspectives, and develop empathy and understanding. It provides an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth, which I believe can contribute to your overall success and happiness in life.”

Cherished Memories

“For several years, I was fortunate to participate in ESA’s Day on Capitol Hill. Volunteers from many states would travel to Washington, D.C., to meet with state representatives to lobby on current issues facing the alarm industry.”

Hall of Fame

“One year, I met with Jason Altmire, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania’s 4th Congressional District. It was the final meeting of the day, and I was excited to be meeting my actual representative and his staff to discuss the topics at hand. When our meeting was nearly over, a bell rang that alerted Rep. Altmire that he needed to go to the House floor to cast a vote. He invited me to join him.”

“I settled in the balcony and was able to watch the entire process. I recognized many faces on the House floor and was entranced by the process. Once the vote was complete, Rep. Altmire gave me a walking tour of the Capitol. He pointed out multiple artifacts, as well as some very interesting history regarding certain pieces of art and parts of the building. It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced. Plus, he ultimately joined a committee to change laws on fire suppression in college dormitories!”

Vision for Change

“If I could change one thing about the security industry, it would be attracting a more diverse workforce. For as long as I’ve been in the industry, attracting new employees to our space has been a challenge. Attracting new and diverse employees is an even greater one.”

“As an industry, we are missing out on the fresh perspectives and innovative ideas of different genders and ethnicities, people of various backgrounds and younger generations. Their unique experiences — growing up in a different era and having different cultural influences — can lead to new approaches to business challenges, as well as opportunities.”

“Workplaces that seek out and value diversity tend to foster a sense of belonging and engagement among employees. A diverse workforce can also attract top talent, as job seekers often seek out inclusive and diverse workplaces. If every business in our industry makes diversity a focus with every call for new hires, the entire industry will benefit.”

Best Part of Her Job

“Part of my job is to bring sales and purchases of business to a close. Some transactions are easier than others. All of them are important to both the seller and the buyer. For most sellers, they do it one time, and the proceeds are often their retirement. I am always humbled when a buyer or seller chooses me to help them reach their goal. Every transaction closed is a great accomplishment for all parties involved.”

Kelly Bond Hall of Fame Legacy

“I hope people would recall that I was friendly, respectful, committed and made a positive impact on others.”

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