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Marks USA’s Latest Update Enhances Security with Visual Lockdown Indicator

NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc., is pleased to announce the availability of the latest in its full line of highquality panic & fire-rated door hardware for single & double doors from Marks USA. Now readily available for commercial locking requirements of all kinds and backdoor applications, from single to double doors, Marks costsaving Grade 1 lineup now features M99LD Series LockDown models in choice of finishes, including popular US 19 Matte Black.

Building on the success of the full-door M9900 panic exit bar, the M99LD Series is engineered for high-impact applications, such as schools, universities, and other critical infrastructure. The M99LD Series distinguishes itself with a clear view visual lockdown indicator on the inside, ensuring swift and unmistakable identification of the lock status, featuring a red or green indicator, providing a clear confirmation of whether the handle is open or lockeddown, significantly enhancing safety and response times during emergencies.

“With the increasing need for robust security measures in educational and commercial environments, the M99LD Series represents a significant advancement in our product line,” said Bill Sporre, SVP Sales of Marks USA. “This new model not only maintains the superior value, performance and reliability of the M9900 but also introduces an intuitive visual indicator system that improves safety and security protocols.”

Key features of the M99LD Series include:

  • Visual Lockdown Indicator: Easy-to-read clear view visual Lockdown Indicator on inside, red or green, confirms outside handle is open or in locked-down status
  • High-Impact Design & Durability: Engineered for demanding environments, providing consistent performance under stress.
  • Field-reversible for easy stock and field application retrofitting all popular preps w/ choice of trims and finishes (or IC core). Key or T-Turn on inside toggles the outside trim (included)
  • Marks USA Lifetime Mechanical Warranty, an industry first.
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