Security Sales & Integration Highlights 2023’s Most Valuable Products for Security Installations

What defines an “MVP” in the sense that we often hear in the sports world, a most valuable player?

Debates usually cite statistics versus importance to team as leading measures of value, and often players averaging the most points, have thrown the most touchdowns, or hit for the highest average do not win the trophy.

In the security industry, the same might be said of the products that systems integrators choose to implement on their projects. The “MVP” gear in this case could be the solution that anchors the entire project, or delivers the important video analytics, or enables quicker installations, rather than, say, the surveillance camera with the loftiest specs or access control system with the flashiest features.

“The MVP Awards recognize the companies that are developing innovative technologies and elevating peace of mind.”

At Security Sales & Integration, every year we attempt to arm our professional security dealer and integrator readers with our own “MVP” winners — so recognized as “Most Valuable Products” in our annual program, whose honorees were revealed again this year during ISC West in Las Vegas.

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