Elite Interactive Solutions Real-Time Crime Prevention Solution Drives 40% Growth Rate in 2022

Los Angeles, California – March 2, 2023 – Elite Interactive Solutions, the pioneer in remote crime prevention services using proprietary intelligence and 100% verified police calls, has posted a 40% increase in revenues for fiscal 2022. The growth is attributed to demand for the company’s innovative Remote Crime Prevention solution, which has proven to be 96% effective in preventing non-violent criminal activity, with the 4% balance resulting in criminal arrest according to company data. Additionally, has also proven to eliminate false alarms to law enforcement resulting in unnecessary dispatch of police or guard personnel. This helps clients further reduce unnecessary operational costs, while increasing response time urgency when real events of importance are occurring – typically with an eyes-on response averaging 7 seconds or less. 

“There is a new imperative for on-demand security given the unprecedented increase in brazen criminal activity and apparent lack of concern of apprehension,” said Aria Kozak, CEO, Elite Interactive. “As more businesses experience the unrivaled crime prevention in real-time with no false alarms to law enforcement , news of Elite Interactive’s proven solution continues to drive new business from companies that are simply tired of losing profits to criminal activity.”

Elite Interactive is deployed at a wide variety of business establishments, ranging from car dealerships to residential complexes and educational facilities. Users include familiar names like Enterprise vehicle storage, Canyon Partners multifamily homes,  Athena property management, Rusnak automotive sales, Village Christian School, and Bolthouse Farms distribution services. And the list of customers continues to grow. 

Unlike conventional remote guarding solutions, Elite Interactive employs advanced AI security technologies to autonomously identify anomalies at a client’s location, such as when an individual or vehicle appears on premises during off hours. Once an anomaly is detected, the AI driven system analyzes the event in real-time. If the incident is determined to be non-threatening, it is dismissed, effectively eliminating a false alarm. Events identified as being a potential or imminent threat is managed by experienced security professionals with law enforcement or military backgrounds who immediately engage the individual(s) directly via two-way audio technology (coined “voice downs”). This is the most frequent engagement as documented by Elite’s data with 96% of incidents being resolved through Elite’s voice down process.  

For more information visit https://eliteisi.com/

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